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Who can know a quilter's needs more than another quilter?   Enjoy these tools, which have been created by quilters especially for their classes and students.  Each one is unique and performs a special much-needed task.   If you wish to purchase, contact me by email at  

I'm working on being able to take orders and payment here on this site - but not yet, so for now, i'll send you an invoice, and you can pay through Paypal or by sending a check.

Sorry, no international sales.  

Rip 'n Tweeze

Yes - it's a combination of a seam ripper and a tweezer, and it's made by the Famore cutlery company, and designed by artist-quilter Cindy Needham.  And like they say on TV - it's not available in stores !   I have a small inventory, priced at $20 each, plus shipping and handling.

Just another blue washout marker????

oh no...:)

 Blue Wash-out Pens  THAT WORK !!!!

Have you wondered why all the blue washout markers are all dried up or half-filled with ink?  Well, I can't answer that - but I can tell you that I have gotten my hands on a small supply of GREAT ONES, and I expect new stock in a month or so.  They are chock full of ink, they have a soft tip that transfers the ink to your fabric beautifully, and they last at least three times as long as the 'standard" ones.  NOT ONE COMPLAINT have I received about these pens.

And - yes, they DO wash out, if you are careful never to subject them to heat.  Just keep things cold, and submerge your piece in cold water, and the lines are permanently gone.

$10 each, plus shipping and handling  (sorry no international sales)

$40 for a set of 5, plus shipping and handling  (sorry no international sales)

to purchase a larger quantity, please contact me at

Thread Guide

I have done it so many times - taken a cone of thread to a retreat, and then realizing i need my Cone thread holder, which is at home. 

Well - this little tool is your answer - it's small, inexpensive, lightweight, and takes up no room amongst your quilting supplies.  Developed by quilter Julia Quiltoff, this is just the neatest thing I have seen in a long time !  $10 each, plus shipping and handling .

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